Little Bit About Me and the Things I Do to Stay Occupied

I don’t know if anyone is going to read this.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter.  There’s probably, at this point, billions of blogs on the internet, so why should mine get any attention?  A google search shows multiple blogs just like mine, but perhaps I have something to bring to the table, and perhaps not.  Let’s just see what happens.

Anyway, about me.  The name’s Patrick (or Pat, if you like) and I’m from a little town in Pennsylvania, working a job as a patient transporter (not as cool as it sounds) at Harrisburg Hospital.  I graduated about five months ago from Valley Forge Christian College with a degree in Theological Studies and an emphasis in Philosophy and Religion, which more or less means my degree is useless until I receive further schooling or somehow write an excellent book.  People often ask me one of two questions, either “So…what are you going to do with that?” or “Oh!  Are you going to be a minister?”

Oh, societal norms.  How much longer must we bear with thee?

Right now, the plan is work my tail off, get married (more about that in a little while), and pay off my debt.  From there, I will continue to keep working my tail off and head to a graduate school of (hopefully) some refute and pursue a masters degree (and eventually a PhD) in a yet unchosen field.  I will NOT be pursuing a career as a pastor, though I wouldn’t mind working in a church as, perhaps, a Sunday School director or Small Group leader.  I don’t like the amount of counseling that comes with being a pastor, as I don’t feel I’m terribly good at it, and I hate preaching.  I like teaching because there is dialogue that comes with it, and people can interact, ask questions, and hopefully take away a better understanding of what you’re talking about.

Now, as for getting married.  I’m currently engaged to a wonderful woman named Christy, and we’ve set our wedding date for April 23rd.  John Scritchfield is my best man. :)

So…what am I going to do with this blog?  Well, I’m going to do things like toss out thoughts I have, review a few books, take on some random tasks, and even update you on my life, if you’re that bored.  If you’re reading this, tell your friends about me.  Maybe they just graduated college and feel as lost as I do sometimes.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a book review, so see you then!


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