Pittsburgh bans natural gas drilling

In a unanimous vote, the city of Pittsburgh has decided to ban natural gas drilling within the city limits, citing health and environmental concerns . The council received a standing ovation for its actions, and if i’d have been there I’d have done the same. The article is in the New York Times.

If you’ve ever seen GasLand, or been around me when I’ve ranted about it, you know I am opposed to natural gas drilling. The process they use, known as fracking, uses unsafe chemicals and methods that contaminates water supplies to the point where some families who have sold their land rights to these companies have been able to light their drinking water on fire. If these companies continue their practices, they will destroy one of the cleanest systems of creeks, rivers and watersheds in the world.

We must raise awareness to the harm these companies (such as Haliburton) are causing to our drinking water supplies. Speak up, research, protest, do whatever you can to oppose gas drilling in your area.

I’m updating from my phone at the moment, so I will continue this later on.


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