Book Review: Soul Music by Terry Prachett.

So, at the time of my last post, I was in the process of taking a break from reading. I needed to terribly. I had started four different books and couldn’t keep any of them straight, so I set them all aside, with intent to start afresh from them at some point in time, and took a holiday. It was incredibly helpful. I allowed myself to read scripture, of course, and some news articles that came through my apps on my phone, but I was otherwise read free. During that period, my birthday came, and since I read like it’s my job, it was only natural that I use that money to buy books.

In this time, I bought Soul Music by Terry Prachett. I only know of this book (and this series, for that matter) because an apartment mate in college used it as his bathroom book. While I was doing my business in there one day, I opened it up and began to read, loving it within the first two pages. I set it aside and made a note to buy it at some point. The ol’ birthday rolled around this year, I remembered my note, and bought it. I am so glad I did.

Soul music is a story that will having you laughing hard and thinking a little while you do it. It takes place in his fantasy realm known as Discworld, which he describes as “a world that often mirrors our own.” In this installment, Death, attempting to figure out what it all means, takes a holiday, leaving the job up to his granddaughter, Susan. There’s also the involvement of a young man named Imp, who, upon purchasing a guitar, essentially invents rock music. Mix the three of these scenarios together, and you have a wonderfully satirical approach to life and rock music as a whole.

I am completely new to Discworld, so I don’t know much about the other books really, but this one makes me want to read so much more. Prachett’s style flows very smoothly and quickly, but there is depth to his writings. His witticisms are sharp, but they don’t cut deep; they do enough to grab your attention and let you reflect on them, while you laugh out loud the whole time. I often don’t laugh out loud at books, but this one I did, and I cannot wait to dig further into the Discworld series.


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