The ten things I’m going to do in 2011

I guess this is a list of New Years Resolutions…I don’t know.  Maybe if I write it down somewhere I’ll actually do it.  They aren’t things that can be accomplished in a year, necessarily (nor are they meant to be), but they are things that I want to do, and I think it’d be good for me to make some commitments like that.

So here we go…

10. Learn to read well. I’ve been reading Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book lately (as dorky as something like that sounds) and he talks about the difference between being well read and widely read; essentially, you can read lots and lots of books in your life on many different subjects and never actually be well read. A man is not well read because of the amount of books he reads but by how well he reads them.  This is a concept I grasped long ago, but never took much time to really focus in on.  It got to the point last month where I was reading about four different books at once and not really retaining everything, so I stopped reading.  It helped me to calm down and relax, understanding that having an intellect did not make me a better individual, and there was no race to know everything.  I know I won’t ever read all the books in the world, or necessarily even all the books I will own, but I hope that the ones I do read better me as an individual and enable me to pass knowledge onto those who actually want it.

9. Write more, especially through blogging and journaling.  I used to write all the time. Granted, I wrote crap most of the time, and it’s likely that there is going to be more crap on the way, but whatever.  It’s writing.  It’s stimulating.  You can’t always write the Pulitzer Prize winning book, or the article that redefines an entire field.  Some things that get written never leave the file cabinet of the author, and that’s OK.

Sub category: Things I want to write more of:

> Blog entries (at least 3 per week)

> Journaling

> Poetry

> Research papers (a few of them would be nice)


8.  Work out more, and get in shape.  This is something many people want to do, and it makes sense. I actually want to be in good shape before my wedding day in April, and I’ll leave it up to you to guess why.  This ought to be simple: go get a gym membership at the Y, and attend at least 3 times a week.  Just gotta make myself do it.

7. Become more involved in my church.  Christy and I are attending a contemporary church on the east shore here in Harrisburg, and it’s full of cool people, so I want to open myself up more to befriending “church folk.”  If you know me (and since no one reads this, you probably don’t) you know I’ve been burned in church before, and though I stay dedicated t0 God as best I can, his followers tend to get under my skin.  This is a cynical attitude I want to break, and I know that I have a lot to offer these people, just as much as they do me.  I just need to listen, and know when it is my turn to speak.

6. Be a loving fiance, and eventually, husband.  It’s been tough adjusting to it not just being me in my life.  I love Christy, don’t get me wrong, but with the two becoming one, it’s difficult, and anyone who’s been married before knows that. I don’t want to lose who I am, but I want her to be a part of me, and me to be a part of her. So, my aim is for synergy and harmony in our relationship.

5. Spruce up my blog(s).  Seriously, these things are bland, and even though I have no readers, if I ever get one, I’d like for them to think it was a nice blog.

4. Follow God more deeply.  I feel like I love reading about God and about how others pursue him, but I myself will only touch lightly in my own spiritual life for fear of what might be there.  My life is already uncomfortable, who knows how bad God might make it?  Ha ha, then again, how much more wonderful and great could he make it, no matter what happened?

3. Start a book club, or join one.  Whichever seems to work best.

2. Brew my own beer.

1. Hmmm…something easily accomplished in a year…ride my bike in the Harrisburg Bike marathon and do well.

These aren’t in any order, necessarily, but so what? Anyway, my posts forthcoming will be based on these 10 things.  Let’s do this.


One thought on “The ten things I’m going to do in 2011

  1. Just thought I’d post a comment to let you know someone reads this now and then.

    I fully support #9 – I advise against NaNoWriMo, though – perhaps I’m cynical because I try to write at least a little every day and take it very seriously, but they try to make writing into a game and focus on word count as the end all, be all of getting a novel done. I found it frustrating and irritating, especially with their weekly pep talks. If you wanna write a novel, just take the time to work on it through the year instead of pounding out 50K at mind-numbing speed without regard to quality just so you can claim to be a “novelist”. Again, I might just be bitter.

    #6 – Good luck. I’m sure you’re quite capable of finding a balance that will make you and those around you happy.

    #3 – If I was home / around, I’d join / come with you to a book club. If you find a good one, you’ll have to let me know once I’m done being abroad.

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