From Midtown…as always!

So, something is majorly wrong here with my wordpress account. Not sure what the deal is. Anyway…

So the reason I haven’t blogged much at all this week is because I just spent the entire week on night shift and it made me miserable. Fortunately for my one reader, I’m back on days for the next three weeks! Whoo!

So…what to discuss…hmmm…Well, we’re a whole week into the new year and I’ve made no push whatsoever on my resolutions. An interesting article from one of my favorite writers (Donald Miller) talked about the problem with sharing your resolutions with other people. Basically, if you share your resolutions, you’re doomed to not complete them because you’ll feel good from setting the goals instead of completing them, feeling content to have simply told someone about them. Makes some sense, I guess. It’s probably why I need to regroup on this stuff.

One thing I’ve been OK about sticking with is reading. Not exactly a challenge, but it’s slow going with my relearning how to read and how to read well. I received 13 books for my birthday, and I’m in the process of getting 12 more that I ordered with Christmas money, so that’s a lot of books sitting around not being read right now. Driving me crazy, but it’s clear I have a lot to learn about reading well, so I intend to stick with it.

No brilliant ideas or philosophical words of wisdom today; just a general update. See ya.


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