The Path to Homebrewing: Sampling Stuff

Perhaps it’s a poor excuse.  Perhaps I’ll never actually brew my own beer, just keep sampling stuff that others have made.

But is that so bad? :)

So on Saturday (and last night) I tried several different beers from different breweries across the states.  Here are the results:

The Duck-Rabbit Brewing Company (Milk Stout):  Smooth and chocolatey with very little hops bite.  Excellent stuff if you’re just getting into stout beers (they can seem intimidating).  Youngs Double Chocolate Stout is still better, in my opinion, but this was excellent all its own.

Stoudts Brewing Company (Pilsner): When people think of pilsner beers, they think of Miller and Bud Lite beers, which is really just water disguised as beer.  Stoudt’s pilsner is packed with malt flavor and surprised me at its well-rounded taste.

Buffalo Bill’s (Blueberry Oatmeal Stout): This beer actually disappointed me quite a bit.  For all the wonderful silky smoothness of oatmeal stouts, this tasted rough and sour (probably the blueberry) and didn’t do much for me as a sophomore beer connoisseur .  Perhaps there are other oatmeal stouts out there that live up to their reputation better.

Brooklyn Brewing Company (Chocolate stout): Not recommended for everyone, but akin to drinking dark chocolate.  High ABV left a little extra bite at the end too.  Tread carefully.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (Hefeweizen): Label says best on a summer day.  Still pretty good in the winter, but I’ll make sure to drink it again on a sunny, summer day.  Good stuff.  Very smooth and fruity, like a good hefeweizen should be. :)


Check out these beers, and you’ll be glad you did.


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