Solidarity: Misconceptions about Israel and Palestine, Pt. 1


The above post from the Christian Peacemaker Teams prompted me to do some stuff about ongoing trends in the Israel/Palestine debate in the church, and why many church leaders are way off the mark.  Now, this isn’t going to be a “Israel is evil, Palestine is cool,” kind of thing, either.  Through scripture, tradition, and some contemporary writings, I hope to paint for you a way in which solidarity SHOULD come.

We’re often taught to take sides in these debates, that you’re either pro-Israel or pro-Palestine.  I can tell you right now that Jesus didn’t take sides, he called people to unity, and Christians should be doing the same. Without trying to slander Christian leaders who are very pro-Israel, I hope to show where the pro-Israel movement in American churches is unbiblical and un-Christlike. Oftentimes, these leaders choose to overlook the terrible and sometimes heartless things Israel does, calling them “God’s Chosen People,” while demonizing Palestine.  This isn’t how Christ thought.  This isn’t how the early church thought.  It’s not how the church at large should be thinking.

Now, Palestine’s not perfect either, and Israel has been a victim in many cases as well.  In the same way that Christ did, there’s a third way to look at this.  So, for the next few posts, you’re going to see a lot of dispelling notions and presentations of new, more biblical perspectives on the matter.  Finally, at the end of this series, I’ll present what I think is Christ’s solution, and how the church can be a peacemaker between these two hostile nations.

Stay tuned!  First post comes either tomorrow or Thursday night!


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