Questions on Pacifism: A Throwaway Post

Admittedly, I’m posting this because of 1) exhaustion and 2) the amount of work my series is taking, but we’ll go ahead excuse me for committing this sin, right? Right?  Guys…?

Anyway, more often than not, I get a lot of questions about being nonviolent.  They go something like this (read the following with the tone of a snarky teenager in your head…).

“So…does that mean if I hit you, you won’t hit back?”

“Do you hug trees too?”

“Pacifist…you mean pansy, right?” (This was an actual question I got once.)

“What if someone attacked your fiance, and you had a gun.  What would you do?”

I want to clue in on this last question here…and tell you about a great book to answer it.  John Howard Yoder wrote a book called “What Would You Do?” to answer it, so next time you bug your pacifist friend in an attempt to work them into a “logical” corner, go find a copy of this and read it.  One of these days, I might summarize the arguments and post them here, but not tonight.  Scott Pilgrim calls my name.



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