Flobots “Fight With Tools” and “Survival Story”

This may or may not be another distraction post, but I just wanted to post about this album. If anything can get me fired up about social action, its the Flobots.

From Colorado, I believe, the Flobots are an excellent alt rap group with a penchant for all things political. They’re to the point, honest, and bold with their words, covering racism, war, poverty, and protest, encouraging people to take to the streets and to use their own gifts and creativity to bring up a new world. Their frontman, Johnny 5 , has posted articles on the Sojourners blog in the past, and shows his intelligence well through essay and lyric alike.

What I like the most about the Flobots is the nature of their theme, often not calling for the death of leaders or the military, but for creative opposition and civil disobedience. Lots of politcal groups I’ve listened to (Anti-Flag, NOFX, etc.) are more inclined to criticize leaders (Rock Against Bush CDs come to mind) than to call citizens to a better life of creativity, nonviolence, and hope (though I’m sure they support such actions). Don’t get me wrong; I do like these groups, but Flobots expresses its causes very well through intelligent lyrics and excellent rock rhythms. Their lack of profanity is helpful as well, though their language can be a little rough sometimes (not that this matters much to me, but I know some of my readers might have more sensitive ears).

Both albums are great, but I’ve definitely given more time to Fight With Tools than Survival Story (Survival Story will get more time soon, I’m sure). Favorite tracks include Stand Up, Fight With Tools, We Are Winning, and Combat.  All around good stuff. Check ’em out when you can, and get pumped to “build up a new world.”

Side note: frontman Johnny 5 is on Twitter @flobot5. Follow for some good links to current events and such.


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