Solidarity Pt. 4: Solutions

I don’t want t pretend that I can automatically fix this problem. Just let me get that out of the way. I’m a small town kid with a bachelor’s degree mostly standing on the shoulders of brilliant scholars, theologians, and philosophers who actually published legitimate works instead of writing some two-bit blog, so my scope of understanding is limited. Still, I do think that the pursuit of peace in this situation is necessary, and solutions…may be brilliantly obvious.

Last post, we pointed out the faults of each side in this long conflict.  Israel keeps expanding, Palestine keeps blowing Israelis up and promoting their annihilation, so let’s work on that.  Israel needs to demonstrate it’s not attempting to threaten Palestinian life by ceasing expansion and attempting to reach the Palestinian people with respect to their land claims.  The Palestinians need to overcome their leaders propaganda by not viewing the Israelis as enemies and welcoming them as neighbors.  The likelihood of seeing governments act like this…


OK, I’m not liking this post.


Look, uprooting mindsets and ongoing governmental programs and propaganda takes a LONG TIME TO DO!  Those little things I wrote up there could easily be the most obvious statements anyone with half a brain could make.  Want the fighting to stop? Well, stop fighting!  The thing is, as the church and the body of Christ, we must do everything we can to get people to understand that though both sides of this conflict have dome some pretty horrible things, from unjust evictions to suicide bombings, but both sides are capable of coming away from such great prejudices to resolution.  We can help them come to peace by bringing them together by standing as mediators, as peacemakers who do not bring the sword but the love of God.  Many Christian groups are already active in being a part of peacemaking, such as Christian Peacemaker Teams, but I would encourage all Christians to speak up in favor of peace between these two peoples.

Christian, stop taking one side in this fight, but fight for all involved, and fight with the love of Christ which shows no favoritism.


This concludes our Solidarity series.  Next post soon.


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