Our never-ending quest for change

Fact of the matter is we’re all looking for change. Ask any person in this world if anything is wrong with it and they will quickly nod their head and begin to list the things they know are wrong with it. Some of us even blog about it. What a bunch of losers.

Many people also want to see the world change. This is a given. The interest in change may vary by different amounts, ranging from “Meh, it’s cool, but it’d be even cooler if things were different,” to, “things must change NOW and I will do whatever it takes to getting them to change NOW including strapping a bomb to my chest NOW!” Clearly, these extremes do not do much to bring change.

I think a lot of times people calling for change are just griping. They don’t like iceberg lettuce, so they demand romaine. Ke$ha sucks; we want Lady Gaga. They don’t want change as much as they want their preferences met. This is different from people who notice something seriously wrong with the world and seek to right it. This is the kind of change I want to talk about here.

We can all name something wrong with the world. Poverty. War. Famine. Disease. Miley Cyrus. It’s all quite apparent something’s horribly messed up and fractured about the world, and a good lot of us do want to fix things. Unfortunately, I think a lot of times that desire to fix things turns into pointing out the things that are wrong.


This is why post-modernism is frustrating, or the emerging church. We have these philosophies demonstrating the normal way of things, such as everyone coming from their own cultural bias and limited worlds, or all the things the church has done wrong to this point, with no actual follow up or solutions (Rorty made some attempts in his works, but came up short, in my opinion). There’s no solution with most change-seekers, only defining the problem. No ethics. No making this place better, just…griping.

Having a DIY ethic is what separates world changers from everyone else. They not only pointed out what was wrong, they worked to make it right, like King and his boycotts, like Gandhi and his march, like Romero taking in the poor and oppressed. The best part is that ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN AND WILL DO THIS EVERY DAY! You don’t have to be some great leader to change your world! Go lease an empty lot and plant a garden. Volunteer at an after school program for “at-risk” kids (what a terrible name to give kids…). Make someone smile, even if you don’t know them. Stand up for the weak and disabled.

The tools you need are within you, and defeat is impossible. As the Flobots say, “We are building up a new world. Do not sit idly by.” Be a part of the revolution that is love, creativity, and peace! Don’t just gripe about how your life sucks; change it! Change it for everyone!

That’s the key here: think beyond yourself. You are amazing, beautiful and powerful, but so are those who need you. Reach out and take them by the hand, and lift them off their feet. Fight for the whole human race. And if you don’t think you can do it, I am here to tell you that I believe in you. I do! Really! I believe in you, even if I have no idea who you are.

You CAN change your world. You just have to do it.


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