Echoing Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff, today, asked us to finish this sentence: “Easter is ____.”

Here’s my answer: Easter is the Gospel summed up in one final act of sacrifice. It is our redemption, all of creation’s redemption from the first act of selfishness.

It is the truest form of Earth Day, for all creation groaned for this very moment, and cries out for the next day of redemption to come.

Honestly, I hate missing out on the Easter festivities being in Florida here, even if I’m on my honeymoon. I want to be there for Easter service, I want to crack a bottle of champagne to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, and praise God for saving me, but tomorrow, I’m flying, then driving, home.  But hey, I’ll get my celebrating in.

So, celebrate Easter tomorrow! This is your greatest, most wonderful day as a Christian, even greater than Christmas Day itself!


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