New and Forthcoming

Working on some new stuff here…

Being married. Just started. Things are going well thus far.

Have a couple posts in the works, including a possible new series. Also, if you have any quesitons/ideas for things you want to know about regarding nonviolence/peace, let me know. I’m always looking for excuses to write, and now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, I’ve got some more space in my brain for other stuff.

Trying to find a good tutorial on making my blog look cool. I’m clearly no good at it thus far, and the one guy I know who could give me a tutorial lives, at present, too far away. So…yeah, workin’ on that. Promise.

Finally, this is more of a request: if you read this thing, and actually find enjoyment in it, then please, inform me! Nothing boosts a bloggers esteem more than comments (I almost peed myself when I got my first comment). If you want to make me even happier, dialogue with me about the gobbledygook I put up here. I”m always up for discussion.

So that’s just letting you know what’s going on in my life and with this blog. If you are a regular reader, please accept my gratitude that you’ve paid attention to this thing for the last couple months. I hope, now that my life is a tiny bit less insane, that I’ll be dedicating even more time to this so that you can enjoy and learn from what’s written here. Thanks so much!


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