Keeping the promise of an open government

Hey, I finally came up with a follow-up post…perhaps a day late, but oh well.

Some clarification is in order in regard to my last post. Again, I am in no way sympathetic to what was Bin Laden’s cause. Though I refuse to rejoice over the death of any man, I will recognize that justice was indeed served here. My aim with my last post was to call for honesty with our government.

In speaking with a pastor friend of mine a few months ago, the subject of nonviolence came up. He spoke in regard to his support of military action, which, to him, ought to be used to end conflicts where America can’t necessarily gain from it. In the last few months, a lot of revolutions have taken place in many countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, or for an ongoing example, Sudan), and the United States has done nothing to assist these nations fighting their oppressive regimes, save one: Libya. There were multiple countries we could haved liberated from an oppressive dictator, but we chose Iraq, which didn’t even have the weapons of mass destruction our government claimed to own.

Some speculate that the reason for these wars was gaining better access to oil, which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. We are apt to engage in confict where the control of natural resources or the politcal climate of the country itself would benefit us. We are not the world’s police, we simply police the places that we can gain something from. Osama was the by product of one of those actions (The Russian invasion of Afghanistan). We trained him to fight during that conflict, then supported Israel in many violent actions against other Arabs, turning men like Osama against us.

I guess what I’m asking for is just for our government to be honest about how it is possible that some disasters and attacks that occur could very well be the result of their own actions. A government forced to more integrity may just be more conscientious about the decisions it makes. Obama promised an open government, and yet there has hardly been a more tight lipped administration than Obama’s. It’s no surprise; a politician not keeping his promises, but when his promises could lead to the deaths of fewer innocent lives, it becomes time to hold him to it.


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