A little bit of routine never hurt…

So, based on some ideas I’ve had, and the wealth of topics one can discuss in regards to nonviolence, I’m thinking I”m going to start scheduling this based on the day of the week. I don’t have the income or time to necessarily blog full time right now, so I can’t do this every day (and no self-respecting blogger does), but there’s got to be a way to make this work, and I think this is how I’m gonna do it.

There won’t be any weekend posts. None of you are that interested in this blog anyway.

Monday – Since it’s the start of the work week, we’ll do a series I’m developing called “Peace on the Inside.” Since we’re trying to learn to be peaceful to others, we must be peaceful within ourselves as well. I’ll offer meditations on coming to terms with our pasts and nourishing our souls with God’s love and peace in order that we can dispense it to others. I’ll use scripture and different mystics and scholars for a basis here.

Tuesday – Foundations day.

Wednesday – Holes. There’s a lot of issues people point out with nonviolence, and their questions are legitimate. I’ll make a decent effort to answer them. This will also be your chance to submit questions for me to answer.

Thursday – Peace in the Arts. I’ll try to profile an artist, be it music, film, art, whatever, that contributes to the idea of peace through nonviolence. There’s a lot more of those than you think.

Friday – Current Event/History. We’ll look at the past and the present of where nonviolence has been/can be used to obtain victory. Again, lots of this stuff available.

Another change is being an advocate for a more holistic view of being pro-life. Christians often use pro-life to mean anti-abortion, but I think if we’re going to support human life, we’re going to have to do a lot better than that.

So, today would have been a foundations day, but I thought I’d update you on this instead, so look forward to a Holes post tomorrow!


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