Foundations: Keeping a holistic pro-life ethic, or lets stop killing everybody.

(Due to time constraints, I won’t be able to do my typical dissertation size Foundations post today, so for now, consider this article from Al Jazeera).

The author of this article, though rather harsh in tone, has called pro-life activists out on an interesting point.  While many Christians will march for life every year in DC, San Francisco, and other cities around the nation, those same Christians will often march in favor of war and capital punishment in the same breath.  Why do we seek to protect the unborn, but not those already living as well?

To me, this makes pro-life demonstrators more part of the problem than part of the solution.  In addition to often only demonstrating against abortions and those who perform them instead of additionally working to provide alternatives to abortions (I still want to go down during the March For Life and set up a table where people can sign up to work in crisis pregnancy centers, just to see how many signatures I get), they dismiss issues such as civilian collateral damage in the bombing of a city.  Activists are always quoting scripture, talking about how God knew all of us before we  were formed in the womb; when did that stop applying to our enemies too?

If you’re going to be pro-life, consider extending that ethic to those who are already alive, and this includes your enemies, those on death row, and those the world calls inhuman.  This doesn’t detract from the lives they’ve lived, but one of the keys to Christ’s Gospel is understanding that everyone can be saved, and no one is hopeless.  Once we’ve called for the dictator’s death, or executed the terrorist, we’ve declared them hopeless in our eyes and in the sight of God.  God, however, who knew us before we were born, does not see people in this light.

What do you think?  Is our pro-life reach too short?


One thought on “Foundations: Keeping a holistic pro-life ethic, or lets stop killing everybody.

  1. The Catholics call this consistent stand against abortion, murder, war, and capital punishment — “a seamless garment.” Sadly, they don’t tend to be very consistent about it, but rather, over-emphasize abortion to the neglect of the others.

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