Man Pushes to Stop the Execution of his Attacker

Mercy at its finest.

This happens a lot more than we hear about, believe it or not.  Going to the halls of justice and saying, “No!  Have mercy on this man!” is a powerful thing which few are brave enough to do, but it can be done!

What amazes me the most about this man is not that he’s a Muslim, but that he is trying to save a man who killed two other muslims prior to attacking him, and saw it as retaliation against a people who attacked his home. Herein lies the danger in associating what occurred on September 11 with Islam.  We can’t blame an entire religion for a terrorist attack any more than we can blame Christianity for abortion clinic bombings.  We must stop associating other religions with violence and evil just because a small minority tend toward it.

All the same, I’m amazed and humbled by this man, who loves his enemy enough to stop the cycle of violence with him. Lord willing, he will be successful.  Actually, in his book The Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne talks about a woman he met/heard about in Iraq whose son was killed by a man.  She spoke to the judge presiding over the trial and suggested a verdict: that the man come to her house every day for dinner so she could show him love and mercy (don’t have an exact page; it’s just one of the big stories that stood out to me).

Now THAT is reflective of the mercy of Christ.

What do you think?  Ever heard another story like this one?  How have you shown mercy to those who have wronged you?


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