Street Art Peace: Banksy

(OK, I feel like I owe you guys a real post today.  I lied; not that much going on today, guess I just got a little discouraged by the lack of views in the last few days.  Anyway, here’s a post about an awesome artist named Banksy).

Street art is something that makes people feel a little conflicted.  I mean, it looks great, some of it.  It’s clear that the artist who created it poured time and effort into their work, but did so on the side of someone else’s property. It is controversial and not exactly legal, but it has the potential to speak volumes.  Through the anonymity of a man named Banksy, it does.

Banksy is a graffiti/street artist out of London, England.  His work often has a political or social message or commentary to it, and can be found in many cities around the world.  What makes him so special?  No one, save one or two people, know who he really is.  He has only given a select few interviews, and on any of the video interviews, his face and voice are distorted to protect his identity.  Despite this, his art has gone for millions of dollars at auction, and such big celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have purchased this art.  Banksy commented on their purchases on his website with a sketch of an art auction selling one of his works, which read, “I can’t believe you people buy this s!#%.”

Some of the works I want to highlight stand out as vocal against current political situations, such as the Israeli/Palestinian feud raging to this day.  To speak his mind, Banksy went to the Wall in the West Bank to speak his mind…

I think that last one is my favorite.

He also spoke up about Guantanamo Bay in 2006 at Disneyland, California (this is also featured in his documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop). Portions of the park were closed down in response, but Banksy escaped before he could be caught.

In 2010, Banksy, with the help of Thierry Guetta and other street artists released the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which profiles the rise of the street art movement through multiple artists.  It’s on netflix, if you have that, and it’s pretty awesome to boot (except for Mr. Brainwash.  Not a fan there…)

Anyway, Banksy is a man speaking out against political and social wrongs that occur each day in the way he knows best, and for this, I salute him.

Again, sorry about the lame repost.  You guys are better than that and deserve more. :)


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