Peace in the Arts: U2’s War Album (Retro-Post!)

(So I have a lot going on tomorrow despite having the day off, so for today’s Peace in the Arts, I’m going to bring to you my post on U2’s War.  See ya Friday).

So, I’m not a super huge U2 fan.  I don’t get all crazy over Bono or anything, but I do hugely respect what they’ve done for music.  Still, I downloaded the War album a couple months ago, and finally sat down and listened to it intently.  Here’s some of my reflections on that album…

Obviously, U2 is ridiculously political about a number of things, on a level where it’s almost annoying, but since the War album was their first crack at it, it’s not annoying or preachy really (at least in my opinion).  “In 1982, war seemed to be the thing everyone was talking about,” said Bono.  This was at the height of the problems in Ireland, with the IRA launch full scale attacks throughout the country.  The Edge, after having a fight with his girlfriend, used his anger and self-loathing to write songs such as “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” one of the most well known protest songs in existence today.  War became one of U2’s best known albums.

One of the themes I see recurring throughout the album is endurance.  One of the recurring lyrics we see is “how long will we sing this song,”  which refers to the longevity and endurance of war, and how it wears on those who want no part of it, and call for its end.  The last song on the album, “40”, quotes Isaiah, talking about how the righteous will rise on the wings of eagles, run and not grow weary.  Still, war wages on.  How long? is the question Bono asks.  How long will it last?

Many say war will plague us until Christ returns and brings the kingdom of God finally to the Earth in completion, and maybe that’s true.  It shows no signs of stopping, but it’s certainly no excuse to purposely continue it, as some might say.  As Christians, we are supposed to bring hope to others, hope that there will come a time where all wars end, whether individual or societal or on a worldwide scale.  Peace WILL come, and we are its bearers.  In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus called us to be peacemakers, and called those who are blessed to be called the sons of God.  Those who wage war are not blessed with such an honor; it is those who seek its end through peace.

I am young, and I still may die before I see war’s end, but I will endure till either day comes.  It’s terribly difficult to do so.  It’s easy to see my cause as lost (I’m only getting a maximum of 35 views a day here, ha ha).  If I go through this life, and only help to find one person peace through Christ, then I have done my job.  To date…I don’t know if I’ve done that yet, so I’m going to keep going, and I encourage you to do so too.

So anyway, U2’s War album is pretty darn good. Give it a good listen.  See ya tomorrow.


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