Speaking Up Today: The Battle of Blair Mountain

You’ve probably noticed that I do spend at least some time talking about labor unions. Why? Because they were some of the first to stand up for the rights of working class; people like you and me owe them the good working conditions and benefits we receive today. If it weren’t for them, capitalism would have spiraled out of control and the class divides that exist now would be even wider. Unions have helped to bring that under control in the last 150 years, though their purpose has been skewed in recent years. Here, however, shows a time when union members fought back against oppressive corporations…and how their struggle has inspired people today.


This post also serves to shed light on our brothers and sisters who work as eco-activists, seeking to save the earth from destruction at the hands of industrialization.  The people marching against mountaintop removal in the above article are acting very differently than the union men that marched before them: they are doing so nonviolently, with a heart for civil disobedience.


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