Double Whammy: Freedom Flotilla 2 fading, and Egyptian Protests Beginning Again

Freedom Flotilla 2 Blocked, but not Defeated

It’s starting to look a little bit hopeless for the ships in Freedom Flotilla 2. Now, I don’t like to say it’s over ’til it’s over, but it’s not looking like much. The US Ship, The Audacity of Hope, says that its mission is winding down, several ships are blocked in port in Greece, a few crews have been sentenced to probation for illegally entering port, and some were reportedly sabotaged. It would seem as though the wind were stolen out of their sails.  Those who have left harbor are heavily monitored by Greece’s Coast Guard.  Many human rights groups in Israel have criticized Greece for acting as Israel’s enforcer.

However, it seems that sit-ins and protests in Egypt are beginning again.  Protesters feel that the goals of the revolution have not been met and, given the corruption still present in the government at this time, they feel the need to continue protests in Tahrir Square.  They’re calling for an end to civilian trials in military courts, the suspension of cops suspected of killing protesters, and the trial of former ministry officials.

Well, not exactly the best day in the world of nonviolence for news…


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