Here’s the Deal…

Gonna try some different things with this blog of mine, starting with lowering my number of posts per week to three (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I’m exhausting material too quickly, as well as exhausting myself, and I’m not exactly putting up quality stuff every day. Most of it sounds like a ramble from some crazy homeless guy, so I want to start editing stuff more and making it a little easier on you guys to read instead of writing a dissertation with every post.

I’d also like to get it to the point where my posts are good enough to overshadow some of my other work. I think, sometimes, the only reason this blog has stayed alive so long is because of my post on Banksy’s graffiti. So we’re going to push more for quality than quantity here.

Anyway, for those of you who take the time to read this every time a post is up, or even if you just stumbled here by accident, thanks for reading. Every time I see that my stats show another view I get excited. I write this not just for me, but also for you, so that we can learn together how to change the world for the good of everyone in it, and to put off our own pride for the sake of others.

Alright, next post comes on Wednesday this time. See you droogs then!


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