A Little Progress is Better Than No Progress

So, I foolishly spent little to no time since Friday reading either one of my books that I’m on right now. I did get through the introduction of The Cloud of Unknowing, and I progressed a little further in On the Campaign Trail, but I left my two books in Newport while visiting my parents, so I have litte more to share with you in regard to either book right now. On top of it all, I’ve felt like puking for about two hours now.

Right now, I’m chilling out on my couch watching Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, trying to get my stomach to stop wretching.  It’s been a quiet day, yet full of running around, from church to Newport back down to Harrisburg to the Fox and Hound Pub with the family to celebrate my brothers 22nd birthday.  I am tired, severely tired, for no apparent reason.  Last night I spent watching Tim Tebow receive the thrashing of his life from a team overly mature and experienced.  He went it with no delusions that they would be a pushover, but couldn’t pull it together all the same. Literally, after New England’s fifth touchdown in the first half, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Now, I’m sitting here, screwing around trying to think of something decent to write about, while a small debate rages between me and two other people on Facebook on militant Islam.  Yes, I fed into it.  My shame looks at me with haughty derision as I post statement after statement trying to explain that Islam is not the evil, violent religion displayed by the media, but one with a peaceful vast majority overshadowed by a small, yet significant minority.  Facebook is a pathetic place for such debates.  The internet is a horrible place for opinions.  Here, we all have the guts to say what we want and when we want, and I am no different.  My Internet cajones are huge.  Catch me in public and I’m easily backed into a corner, fighting like a vicious animal and losing all rationale.

Yet, we blog away, don’t we?  In a lot of ways, the Internet is the last place for free speech that exists, or at least boldness.  Here, we’re all Martin Luther Kings and Malcolm X’s trumpeting our cause.  Our public life stands in stark contrast.  We go to work, we interact with our coworkers in a fashionable, professional manner that won’t betray what means the most to us, Democrat or Republican.  The public life is a facade, the Internet life is reality.  And we can thank more than Mark Zuckerburg for that.

This doesn’t mean that intellect has increased.  This doesn’t mean that all this information is helping us; for every piece of information there is misinformation, and misinformation for that misinformation, and information that is buried so deep by misinformation crap that we’d never know the truth if it bit us on the nose.  If we would only knock on our neighbor’s door, we might know, then, if they were a terrorist.  Looking someone in the eye tells you a lot more about them than a Facebook profile, but we don’t want to believe that.  We think we know who we are, but we will never fully realize who we are the more we sit in front of these computer screens.

But…I’ll still have another blog post for you on Tuesday. Yup.  Gotta let you know how this project is going.  Don’t worry; I’ll snap out of this depressive mood I’m in by then.  My stomach should be back to normal soon. :)


Oh, and Happy MLK Day.


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