And We’re Down to One…

OK, so I’m putting aside The Cloud Of Unknowing for awhile. Honestly, I think this whole two books at a time isn’t gonna work too well. It’s gonna mean slower going for me as far as getting through my books goes (which I still need to catalog and get a progress bar for), but hey, if I can absorb more of this stuff and help relate it to you guys, I think that might be a good thing.

Ironically…I can’t say I’m absorbing that much of On the Campaign Trail right now. He’s spending a lot of time talking about the different Democratic candidates and the way they’re reacting to different primaries. Every now and then, there’s a rabbit trail about football because even Hunter’s getting tired of the political game.  This doesn’t bode well for me as far as politics go, but  I love Hunter’s cynicism about the whole thing.  I feel like he’s calling every single politician out for all their bull crap.  The political game produces no fruit in our country; only a purgatory full of half-written bills and the souls of revolutionary ideas that never made it out of committee.  The way these politicians perpetuate a broken system for their own benefit is just disgusting.  However, we are equally as guilty by participating in this system.  Even worse, we call it patriotism.  Yet the primaries go on every four years, and we go to the polls and pick an idiot we wouldn’t pick to flip our burgers at McDonalds to contribute to running the federal government. So sad.

Because, you know, no one has EVER complained about anything I just said…oh wait, what’s this book I’ve been reading for the last couple weeks?

All the same, I’ve been pretty distracted lately by absolutely nothing.  Hopefully, I can focus in on things more important and get back on track here.  I’ve got a few reading projects in the works here, a sort of grouping together so I can not only knock out some of these books, but finally do a good study on some of these subjects I don’t know enough about.  Anyway, that’s enough for tonight.  See you folks Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “And We’re Down to One…

  1. I am no good at reading two books at one time. I do it….often because I have to between teaching and trying to keep up on stuff. And I am not even counting the “lighter” reading I do just for pleasure. But as you pointed out…it takes longer and it doesn’t allow me to really immerse myself and concentrate on the book in hand. And my life is full of distractions, also. Some books I can pick up and put down at a moment’s notice; others I have to have some time to read and digest.

  2. It really depends on the books for me, but yeah – two books at once was never really a strength of mine. I find that if I balance it properly it can be done. So, if I’m reading one really heavy book, the other has to be something much lighter. Or I find another genre helps: reading a novel and a book of short stories at the same time, or a novel and a book of poetry. That way there’s a second option to escape to if you’re bogged down with one, but it’s sufficiently different to not cause confusing overlap. That, and I find short stories or poetry easier to pick up and set down for shorter periods while I made strong headway in the main book I’m digesting.

  3. I’m finding a better balance between On the Campaign Trail and an NT Wright book on St. Paul. Sometimes, when a book starts to drag, I think thats when I feel the need to bring on something else.

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