Surging Through Paul; Crawling Through Campaign

Let’s see how fast I can pound this out. I’m chugging coffee, trying VERY hard to wake up for my new job (which I’m leaving for in 10 minutes), and giving you something to read this morning.

Here goes…

I’m halfway through NT Wright’s Paul In Fresh Perspective, performing a superficial read of the book on a first time through (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see my page on “How To Read a Book”). So far, Wright has discussed the dominant themes prevalent in Paul’s writings, particularly covenant and creation theology and narrative, Jesus as Messiah, the concept of apocalypse, and counter-imperial speech. Lots of fun stuff to talk about here, but it’ll have to wait for another time (as in one where I’m not wicked tired and still tripping on NyQuil). So far, this is easily one of Wright’s most comprehensible books (oddly enough, it’s far more academic than some of his other writings), and I’m having fun on my first read-through. I’m delving into Part Two over the course of the next couple days, though I may not be able to give you a first impression of the entire text until Wednesday or Thursday. All the same, I wholly recommend this book thus far.

As for On the Campaign Trail, well, it’s slow going there, not because of Hunter Thompson, but because of me. I find it very easy to go through Thompson’s style of writing; it’s very journalistic and smooth, with lots of cynicism for spice. Still, reading about a presidential election that already occurred 40 years ago can be difficult to relate to. Most of the men involved in it are dead! Not that I mind reading about dead guys; history is one of my favorite subjects. What’s hard is the fact that these are the guys who made no impact on history except to help send America to war with Vietnam, then go and say “Well, we made a mistake.” Not a great thing to be remembered for. Hopefully, when I dig in later on, this will get more fun.

Anyway, that’s it for Monday. I am considering a new writing schedule to accomodate my new job, but we’ll see. See you folks tomorrow.

Side note: This might be the first time I’ve tagged NyQuil in one of my posts.


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