The Paul Thickens…

I’d apologize for the pun…but I’m not gonna. Nyeah.

Anyway, I”m hip deep in part two of Paul In Fresh Perspective by NT Wright. Having a good bit of fun in the “Structures” part, but man, it’s like I’m baking my brain for very, very long periods of time trying to grasp everything. This is definitely why Adler recommends rereading the book. I am DETERMINED to grasp everything in this book, partially out of the overall desire for knowledge, but also because I will admit on record that I would have NT Wright’s babies if I could. I love this guy to the point it borders on obsession, and my friends will attest to my fanboy status. I’d be embarrassed by it…if the man didn’t BLOW MY MIND ALL THE TIME!

Anyway, right now I’m going through a discussion on what election meant to the Jewish people in Paul’s day, and how Paul redefines it in light of Jesus and the Spirit. I’m beginning to sense the reasons why some hostilities may have arisen from anyone in either the New Perspective camp or the Reformed camp. Wright’s not rewriting anything, but what he’s saying is rather competitive in terms of how we understand justification by faith. The Reformed folks definitely want to keep things as they are, and the NP folks want to reconsider how we see Paul altogether. Wright falls somewhere in the middle with the whole matter (perhaps more on the NP side), and I’d love to get into what he says…but I’m writing this the night before I’m posting it, and I have a 12-hour shift in the morning.

Oh, and I’ve gotten NOWHERE in On the Campaign Trail. It’s turning into that one kid you hit up for a ride once in awhile so you have food in your dorm, but when he asks you to hang out, you’re suddenly busy. Sorry, Hunter, but I’m studying theology right now!  I have no time for your hilarious cynicism and voice completely relevant to my generation regarding politics and the obvious flaws of a two-party system, but I might want to go get McDonald’s later!

Yeah, not the best way to treat a kid, but SOMEONE has to make sure I’m well fed and amused if need be!

Ok, that’s a little selfish…

See ya Friday!


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