A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Most of my friends know of the odd love affair I have with Shane Claiborne.  Well, two days ago, he put up a note on Facebook that had a link to this website called the Preemptive Love Coalition.  Now, I have talked about nothing relating nonviolence for months, and this doesn’t have much to do with it exactly, but it’s making a positive impact in an area hurt majorly by war and violence.  It’s…well…lets let them do the talking.

I guess you guys could see why I love this organization.  Now, I only found out about these guys two days ago, but there’s a few reasons I can get behind their mission:

1) They’re providing an immediate need by equipping the local population and working with local government.  They’re not just swooping in, doing a couple nice things, then leaving the people the “helped” the same way they were. Instead, they’re training people to change the physical condition of their own kids, something they don’t always know how to do.   The work with the local government helps embed them in the system, something that most organizations preaching “reconciliation” have trouble doing here in the states.

2) Reconciliation is the center of their mission. Let’s face it: violence has a horrible impact on everyone involved. Some might say “well, we have right on our side,” but at the end of the day, with all the collateral damage and civilian death in war, it’s hard for me to reconcile the “mission” with everything else lost. At PLC’s heart isn’t necessarily “We’re sorry our country sucks,” but more like, “We’re going to heal the broken.”

3) Specialization in medicine.  Many things could be fixed in our world with proper medical care, and these guys are over there providing HEART SURGERY! The hospital I work for prides themselves on their cardiac care, so maybe, if I talk to the right people… ;)

4) Financial openness. Lots of non-profits and stuff exists to “give to the poor,” but how much are they giving out to the poor, and how much is going to cover their “expenses?” These guys have NO trouble telling you about that.


So that’s why I like these guys, and why you should too.  Note: this will not be the last you hear about them!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish more about these guys in the future!


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