Overview: Where I’m At Now

I think this might be a good way to spend my Fridays: letting you know where I’m at in the books I’m reading. We’ll keep the good content to the earlier days of the week.

Fear and Loathing On the Campaign Trail ’72: Gave it up. I love Thompson’s writing style, but it was getting to the point where I was thinking, “Yeah, that’s great, but this happened over 40 years ago, and I’m starting to not really care.” It’s a horrible attitude to have, but I’ll perhaps give it another try down the road.

Paul In Fresh Perspective: Slow going. My job leaves me mentally tired at the end of the day, making it hard to digest something like NT Wright. Not giving up on this one any time soon, though, especially since I”m doing this one as a part of a series. I’ll probably read some more of it as the weekend goes on.

Green Metropolis: This book is fascinating. I don’t know anything about urban planning, or how to utilize resources to be more green, but I love how David Owens is spelling this stuff out for me. He’s definitely more of a liberal individual (some would say), but he’s not douchebag about it like some liberals are. It’s definitely justifying my desire to move into the city when our lease is up here in Enola.

Democracy Matters: I’ve paid very little attention to Cornel West in the last couple weeks, but I’ll hopefully have the time to pick him up again later this weekend or next week. Not much else to say about him, except that I am finding opinions with him that I’ve already held. I will continue on regardless.

And that’s it! See you Monday!


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