Friday Overview!

Let’s see…the library books either get renewed or returned tomorrow. I can’t keep reading them Ias I said recently) because it gets in the way of everything else, so they’re out. Green Metropolis taught me some really cool stuff about New Urbanism and living green while living in the city, and it definitely reinforced my desire to move into Harrisburg instead of living in Enola. The thought of not spending as much money on gas is nice, and walking and biking everywhere would help me lose a little of this weight I’ve gained. He definitely could have condensed his arguments, though. He tries to extrapolate on simple points that don’t need thirty pages of extrapolation. Otherwise, good book.

Cornel West…yeah, I only got a few pages into it. Don’t worry about it.

Pilgrim’s Progress is awesome! I love the simplicity of John Bunyan’s storytelling, as well as the real, organic feeling I get from someone who clearly walked the long, dangerous path to Christ. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading his own walk. It’s so good.

I’ll be up and at Piper again on Saturday. Yeah, he got on my nerves a little bit, but it’s going to be all the more important to focus on the information and opinions he’s giving in that situation, then.  As I continue this little experiment of mine, I’m going to encounter lots of authors with whom I heavily disagree. This, then, becomes just as much an exercise of self control on my part as it is in learning to read well.  I forget who said it, but a wise individual once tweeted, “if you become defensive and angry when someone challenges your opinion, you probably don’t believe in it as well as you think.”  It may not always be true, but often our defensiveness in debate is due to insecurity, and, given that the purpose of my reading NT Wright’s book was to form an opinion of how to understand the writings of Paul (or to at least understand why Wright’s writings were being challenged at all), I should continue toward the goal of understanding the truth.

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  See you all Monday!


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