Quick Overview

It looks like my post on smart activism isn’t going to happen today, so let me just give you an overview of where things are going.  I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on the Kony 2012 campaign yesterday!

First, Piper: The guy’s kind of a broken record with this whole being concerned about Wright not being clear about his views. Oddly enough, I understand Wright’s views BETTER when I read him, though I’m not sure I want to continue with this book. It feels like he’s nitpicking the whole time.

One thing I want to gripe about with it though: apparently, a few years back, Wright endorsed a book by Steve Chalke called Lost Message of Jesus, where Chalke called Penal Substitution “divine child abuse.” A lot of the Reformed community had a huge problem here, naturally. Wright, however, didn’t interpret Chalke’s writings as a rejection of PS, but rather a call for, perhaps, a different understanding of what that looks like. Piper gets pretty condescending about this endorsement, calling it very unfortunate, almost implying that a man who really knew what he believed would have greatly opposed the book.

I don’t like this. Wright endorsed the book because he felt that Chalke wrote in a way that brought Jesus into a greater light for people who have difficulty understanding it, and Piper’s denouncing Wright over it. I don’t know fully how to articulate it, but the whole thing feels more like an attack on Wright’s character, something he promised was not his goal with the book. Critical eyes cast on academic writings are one thing. We need that critical look at what we say and write when we’re working on such high levels with theology. However, attacking a person’s character is unacceptable to me. This is called the ad hominem fallacy, where a man’s character is called into question over an issue, as it the man’s action outside of the question has something to do with his position he takes on the question at hand. That’s not cool, and I think Piper would have done better to leave that out.

Anyway, Pilgrim’s Progress goes well. I’m enjoying joining Christian and Hopeful as they walk the narrow road. Not much else to say there, but I recommend you try reading it yourself!

I have also managed to add another book to my reading: Escape From Reason by Francis Schaeffer. I’ve heard things about Schaeffer, how he influenced the Religious Right in America, and how he’s a relatively solid theologian as far as his arguments for his stances go, but this is my first encounter. It sort of happened by accident; I picked the book off my shelf just for perusal, and wound up sticking with it. It’s a short one; only 94 pages, so it’ll probably be read by Monday or so.

Right now, I’m working on cataloging my books in Excel.  I’m hoping to transfer this over into my Library page, which has been under construction for awhile, and also looking to make something to demonstrate my progress, like a bar graph or something.  That’s going to require some looking around, but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s my overview. Monday, new post on the books I”m reading. The smart activism post is going on hold for another random, off-topic Thursday. I’ll make sure I plan it for a day when some new charity is doing something in the news so I get lots of hits on it.

Ha ha, see you guys Monday!


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