Friday State of the Blog!

Another book down! I don’t know my total percentage of books read to this point; I suppose a count is in order here at some point, but progress has indeed been made! Sometimes it really feels like slow going, other times I’m knocking stuff out left and right. Such is life, huh?

Anyway, <em>Pilgrim’s Progress</em> is kinda slowing down, which is not always a good thing for me when reading. Makes me want to shelve it and move on. I’ve considered the same for Piper, but more out of his redundancy than for slow writing; his style’s not actually all too bad.  While I did knock out Schaeffer this week, these two are proving to be slow going now.  It might not help much that I am reading <em>Wild At Heart</em> by John Eldredge and <em>Simply Jesus</em> by NT Wright for two separate discussion groups either. On top of those, I’ve been in the hunt for a seminary and been reading a book called <em>So You’re Thinking About Going to Seminary…</em> for the sake of research, adding up to a total of five different books I’m reading right now, plus some articles Cornelius Van Til wrote about apologetics. That’s a bit much.  Perhaps keeping the TV off and the coffee plentiful before I go to work tonight will help me progress further.

On a happy note, I’m noticing my site hits starting to trend upward; I’m averaging about 35-40 hits a day, which is small by SOME standards, but for me, it’s progress. I’m also considering buying my own domain name, though I want to make sure that I can continue focusing this blog on my library and generating interesting stuff for people to read, which seems to be working out well. More on this to come in the not-to-distant future.

Not-so-happy note: next weekend (the 24th) I start a round of night shift. Really sucks whenever only four other people know how to do your job and two of them want off, meaning you have to cover where they were supposed to go. I’m all for being a team player, and the extra two dollars an hour helps, but night shift tends to mess with me physiologically, so this might mean my posts get a little more, well, late, or they might not happen at all depending on my level of exhaustion. We’ll see.

Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and no one has to walk the walk of shame home the next day!


2 thoughts on “Friday State of the Blog!

  1. I wanted to ask you from one of your last blogs if you have read Schaeffer’s book, How Should We Then Live? It has been a while since I read this but Colson’s book, How Now Should We Live? – which I still haven’t gotten to….is of course, a spinoff of Schaeffer’s classic.
    By the way, I loved, Wild at Heart, despite being a woman. Just saying.
    And I think Simply Jesus is going to get better after we get further along….Right now I am deep into Jonathan Edwards, A Life, for my coming residency program and so have tried to put my love of a good novel aside for the moment….(which is difficult).
    AND…I want to know how your trip to LTSG was…..

  2. I love this site. I just finished C.S. Lewis’s “Surprised by Joy.” It was great, but I had to wade through some of his stuff to finally have it all climax in the last two chapters. It was worth the wade.

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