Minor Review: So You’re Thinking About Going to Seminary…

I picked up this book from the Kindle Library at Amazon.com in the hopes that it would aid my search for a seminary that I commenced about a month ago.  I’ve since read it…and realized that it wasn’t as much of a help as I thought it would be.

There’s probably some good reason for this.  I did go to Bible college, and I did visit a seminary or two while in Bible college.  My professors and I talked about going to seminary together.  Because of this, I probably didn’t need to read this book; I could have gotten by without it.

However, if you don’t know a thing about seminary, but are suddenly considering it coming off a bachelor’s degree in a non-ministry related field (something people do often, according to Cooper), then this book would probably work for you.  He lays it out pretty well, not unlike books that help you through the college selection experience, only this one’s geared specifically to seminary.  He gives great reasons to pick seminaries, ranging form location to doctrinal similarity.  He talks about what you will encounter in seminary, and what the different classes and subjects are talking about.

So, if you’re a total noob on the seminary subject, check this book out…or just go visit a seminary. Or talk to someone who’s been to seminary.  It’s really not necessary.  Appreciate the thought, Mr. Cooper.


In other news, I’m attacking the Piper book with new vigor (or at least trying to).  Wrapping up Pilgrim’s Progress leaves me a little more free to get to Piper and to Van Til.  Hopefully I can read this with an understanding eye and not just spend all my time whining about the Reformed folks. Hey, everyone’s got SOMETHING to bring to the table, and so do these two. See you Thursday!


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