Friday State of the Blog: Upcoming Projects

So, I’ve managed to come through on the other side of several books now. I finished  Pilgrim’s ProgressEscape From Reason, So You’re Thinking About Going To Seminary…, and The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea all within the last three weeks!  What a huge accomplishment!

So, here’s what’s left to do:

1) Finish reading Defending the Faith. Cornelius Van Til is going down!

2) Finish The Future of Justification: A Response to NT Wright, followed by Justification: God’s Plan, Paul’s Vision in order to get clarification from Wright himself on the matter.

The only thing that troubles me a little is that I’m not currently reading anything from on my shelves: all of it’s on the Kindle.  Piper’s book serves the purpose of understanding, but Van Til was kind of thrown in there by accident, so I feel as though I’ve gotten slightly deterred from my goals.  Not to worry, we shall be on track again soon!

Upcoming projects:

1) Finishing out the Piper/Wright debate on justification by faith alone.

2) The weekend after Easter, my wife and I are going up to Boston to support her dad in the Boston marathon.  We’re taking the train up (about an 8-hour ride) and back, so that’s 16 hours where I can get some reading done! Therefore, my weekend in Boston is going to be “short book weekend.” I’m going to pick out some of the shorter books I have (probably about five or six), and take them along and see how I do! Whatever I start, I have to finish, so this should be fun!

3) Partnering with a friend of mine to read Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, something I’ve been meaning to do ever since I found out I actually enjoy philosophy.  Kant’s a pretty intimidating guy, so having a buddy to go along with is going to help.  Hey, you might even get to see some guest posts from my friend (if I can talk him into it)!

4) Study of Islam. I only have a couple books surround the topic, and two of them are in relation to Sufism specifically, but I shall do my best.  I have a couple reference books that give some overviews of the religion itself, but the ultimate goal is a full reading of the Q’uran.  Hoo-rah!

5)  Well…I don’t know! Anyone got a good idea for a reading project for me?

Just so everyone knows, after my twelve-hour shift today, I start up on nights for an entire week.  I’ll do my best to keep this going, but it’s not going to be easy.  I don’t handle nights well.  I’ll schedule a few posts here and there, and if anyone wants to guest post, let me know! See you Monday!


2 thoughts on “Friday State of the Blog: Upcoming Projects

  1. Reading project: Poetry weekend. Four books of poetry, two days. I’m sure you have some scattered about on your shelf.

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