Friday State of the Blog!

Man, what a horrible week. Horrible couple weeks, in fact. Night shift and this horrible cough just left me completely wasted and unable to comprehend half of what I’ve been reading lately. However, since I still have today and Saturday off, one can only hope that progress will be made!

Wright: Well into chapter four, and almost through part one of the whole book. He’s spent this portion of the text mostly just discussing where Piper and other opponents of his have been misinformed as to his views, as well as demonstrating how men of the Reformation, such as John Calvin, actually intended, and attempted, to read Paul in a first-century Judaism context, something Luther avoided, and what Wright’s opponents avoid as well. The more I read this book, the more I think that people really just overreacted to what Wright was saying.

Hirsch’s How To Read A Poem has progressed very little, probably because my every attempt to read him was stifled by a violent cough or a pounding headache. He’s been using metaphors to describe what poems are, such as calling them “messages in a bottle.” It’s very beautiful, but difficult to comprehend when ill. I’ll attack this with new vigor today, probably.

Today is also Good Friday, and, lately, I’ve felt very distant from any idea of God, Jesus, or anything relating to Christianity. There’s a lot of factors going into it, I’m sure, but I’m hoping to also take a portion of time today to refocus my spirit and welcome God’s presence in my life instead of spurning it. This is no desert period; this is something I did, somewhat intentionally, I guess. Either way, I am dry, and I want to come back to the rain.

Everyone have a happy Easter. Let’s work on being an Easter church.

“The message of Easter is that God’s new world has been unveiled in Jesus Christ and that you’re now invited to belong to it.”-N.T Wright


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