Thursday State of the Blog!

Writing well was feeling pretty dry this week, probably because I’ve had little to no desire to actually read anything. There’s just been too much around my apartment to accomplish, and my sleeping in before work hasn’t helped either. What’s worse is that I don’t know how I’m going to find time to read or blog this coming week for two reason.

1) Saturday, the wife and I are Boston bound. We were originally going to take the train, but then we found that was just too much hassle, so we’re driving up, and since reading impairs my ability to drive, my whole plan to take 5 short books with me and read as many of them as I could is kind of shot. I’d have the wife read, but she would get car sick if she did. I’m up there until Tuesday evening (or whenever we get back) with a whole bunch of her relatives, which means little to no down time for Pat to sit and read in peace. In-laws.

2) Immediately after I get back, I go right back out on the road, this time to continue my hunt for a graduate school. Wednesday through Friday, I’m visiting seminaries, and Saturday I’m at a theology conference in Philadelphia.

So…you might hear VERY little from me in the next week or so. Perhaps I need a break anyway. This whole thing is beginning to turn into a chore of sorts (one I haven’t fulfilled for two days), not to mention the fact that, while I do love NT Wright and reading his theological defense of his views on justification, it’s burning me out on the subject and reading overall.

So, yeah. It’s vacation time for me. I will return on Monday, 4/23, to continue to amuse the lot of you with what I’ve been reading!


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