Friday State of the Blog!

Not much to report. I’m about halfway through The Story of B and still finding interesting things here and there. Still not liking his writing style or his overuse of generalizations. What makes it more difficult is a lack of citations for his thoughts. It’s one thing to pose a theory, but even theories have evidence for their support.

I’m also still working through The Orthodox Heretic, which is also proving interesting, though frustrating as well. Much of what Peter Rollins says I can agree with, but the method behind his getting people to where he wants them, or the distance to which he’ll take a basic thought bothers me quite a bit. Oh well; I’m still gleaning quite a bit from both these books.

On that note, not much else to talk about. Heading in for a double shift today, so I’m not too excited for work right now (not that I often am). Anyway, see you guys Monday!


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