Friday State of the Blog!

Well, another book off my actual shelf done and complete!  The Story of B was a fun, if frustrating, ride. Not a high recommendation, but recommended all the same if you have any interest in environmentalism and such.  It’s a different perspective, and that’s not always a bad thing.

So, what am I on to next?  Well, I don’t quite know.  I’m still finishing The Orthodox Heretic by Peter Rollins, which is on loan to me for the time being.  Perhaps by Monday I shall know what’s next.  I think I need a break from cerebral reading like I’ve had for this long.  Seriously, my head is starting to hurt.  Time for some literature or poetry, perhaps (though, technically, The Story of B was a novel).  I’ll let you guys know soon!

**UPDATE**: I’m 90 pages into Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonngeut. Might shock some of you to know I’ve never read it (might have lied about this in the past, and for that I apologize). Interesting so far. If I weren’t working today, I’d probably finish it entirely!

It has occurred to me that I never actually got to finish Cornelius Van Til’s Defending the Faith. That got put on the back burner before I left on my long seminary hunt not too long ago, and I think at this point I’d have to start over anyway.  What I want to do, in regard to the subject of apologetics, is read one book on my shelf which discusses five different views (or methods, I suppose) of the subject.  I bought it for a class awhile ago, but it never got discussed, so I didn’t read it (don’t give me that look; you’ve done it too). It might help me get a better grasp on Van Til’s ideas.

Anyway, I must go toil away through Memorial Day Weekend.  You guys have fun!


One thought on “Friday State of the Blog!

  1. I’m looking forward to your review of Slaughterhouse. That book is tied for my most read book, weighing in at five times. As you probably know, I’m not one to reread books too frequently, but I come back to that book so much. It’s easily one of my top ten (possibly five, but choosing books for a list is too hard) books I’ve ever read.

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