Friday State of the Blog!

I’m up to twenty followers! That’s at least twenty of you people who seem to like what I write, and that’s awesome! I don’t think I’m so great, but who am I to tell you that you’re wrong? Thanks guys! Now let me know you’re out there by sounding off my stuff, and I’ll return the favor!

So, Death On the Nile…is boring the heck out of me. I guess my expectations were pretty high for this, and I honestly thought I’d be done with it by now.  However, not wanting to give up on it, I’m assigning to it a special position: my restroom book. This might sound rather mean, perhaps blasphemous if you really like Agatha Christie, but that seems like the best place for her right now. If I’m stuck there awhile, might as well read a book.  If I’m going to read a book, philosophy and theology require too much thought, so a good mystery will do just fine there.  This actually worked as a  good practice when I was in college (only then it was a Clive Cussler novel).  Gave me a good way to relax my mind.  Anyway, that’s where she’s going.

Because I’m in the hunt for a church to start attending on Sundays, I’m going to start reading Martin Luther’s Shorter Catechism. I figure one of the best ways of knowing I can agree with attending a church is to start with their doctrine, albeit a summarized version.  This will bring my book count up to four, technically, but the nature of the other three books should mean that I won’t have too much overlap or confusion.

As far as Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason goes…I’m stuck on page 10.  I keep going to pull it out, and my head just starts hurting. However, I will do this!  Probably not until the weekend, but Kant will come back out and he will be read!  I WILL beast this book!

Other weekend plans: hopefully, beer brewing.  I got my kit last week (I’m down to 200 pounds! That’s 10 pounds I lost) so it needs to be brewed!  Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll have a nice English bitter to sip on while I read!  Whoo!

See everyone on Monday!


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