Friday State of the Blog!

Not as much reading this week as I would have expected. The wife’s been out to Pittsburgh with her dad and sister, so you’d think that I would have gotten some reading done. Instead, I sat around and watched documentaries and substituted those for books.

First: Luther’s Small Catechism got shelved. I’ve actually begun to consider a Westminster confessing Presbyterian church in Harrisburg, and while Luther certainly has some great insights, it seems a little unnecessary at the time to go through his catechism. I’ll probably return to it in the future, though, at the very least for research.

To replace Luther, I added a collection of essays from African-American author James Baldwin. I have heard so many people tell me I need to read his works, and I can see why, even though I’m only ten pages in. He’s articulate, insightful, and poetic. Love reading this so far!

Still kind of working my way through Death on the Nile, albeit slowly. I’m still thinking about shelving it too; it’s honestly just plain boring to me. Of course, it’s written about a different time from an author who didn’t see the need for explosions in her plots, and my ADD-addled mind is probably turned off for that reason.

Finally, there’s Critique of Pure Reason. Oh, Kant. I am ten pages into your book and have no idea whatsoever as to what you’ve actually said, other than that mathematics are synthetical in their origin and are things we learn a priori. For all that I thought I knew of philosophy, I clearly don’t know jack. This is going to take quite some time to read, apparently.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing you all on Monday!


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