Man Project Cancelled

Upon further consideration, and without further ado, I’m cancelling the man project for lack of personal interest. Regular readings of whatever the heck I wish will resume. Have a nice day. :)


5 thoughts on “Man Project Cancelled

    • My interests in the last couple days have been elsewhere (namely Marcus Borg), plus I keep getting distracted from anything involving this blog. I’m actually considering a hiatus.

      • Won’t try to push you one way or the other; if it helps your reading (it helps mine), keep pushing. A break isn’t a bad thought either if that’s what you need.

    • I’m going at it too haphazardly, I think. Honestly, I just took a couple books off my shelf by people I know are viewed as definitive masculine role models and just started reading. A project of this undertaking, in my mind, needs better planning. It’s also just not where my heart is right now. Most of that is tied up in trying to find a job with regular hours, as opposed to my current job, which has me working rotating shifts, and that makes it hard to get any real reading done.

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