Everyone Allowed At the Table: Dialogue With Marcus Borg

Most of the people I went to college with and the professors we learned under don’t particularly care for Marcus Borg, or his friends from the Jesus Seminar, who have taken what is, in my opinion, a biased approach to critiquing the Gospels and searching for what they call “the historical Jesus.”  There’s also this general stigma within evangelical and reformed circles that dialogue of any type with said liberals is either not worth our time or potentially dangerous to one’s faith. After all, is someone who thinks Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead worth speaking to?

I think so.  In fact, I think we need to include them in our conversation.  Why?  Because they aren’t just making stuff up, but arriving at conclusions using scholarly study and technique.

I’m currently reading Borg’s book Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. I can’t say I agree with even half of what he’s talking about, but I still want to listen to him.  The next few posts will revolve around that: listening to Borg, then talking back to Borg.  This should be quite a ride, so I hope you’ll join me. See you tomorrow


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