I am now less than three months from the end of my year of not buying books, a vow I’ve only broken one time. Any other time I received books, they were free, or I traded them in for other books. If I were to do a count now, I can tell you that I probably have made little to no progress on putting a dent in my library, and come Christmas Day, I’m allowed to start making additions to it again (and I do intend to).

This sounds odd, but I don’t know if I’m ready to come off hiatus.  I’ve been dealing with a good deal of emotional stress and depression, mostly due to my job.  I’ve managed to reduce my stress a good bit, but there’s a great deal of dissatisfaction still there, further unalleviated by a job search that’s produced no better options at this time. I have to try something, though.

Besides, it’s Banned Books Week.  I can’t run a blog about reading and NOT write about Banned Books!


One thought on “Unsteady

  1. Dissatisfaction sucks. I’m happy that you are at least traveling through the pages of great thinkers or at least entertaining ones.
    I am praying for you. I hope the LORD opens up the way to the Misty mountains for you

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