Barack Obama Wins Election 2012!

What? Oh, I really don’t care. I voted for him, sure, but I just want to see how many hits a title like that will get me, here. :D

Narrowed down my reading to Tillich and Kerouac, and I’m almost done with Kerouac. Painstaking as it will be, Tillich will be my focus until 2013. I intend to keep up with this format, hopefully with more updates and posts for all of you. Thanks for sticking with me, even if my posts are sporadic. A lot of things in my life are beginning to turn around despite my being in the same job and not in my field. God’s been incredibly faithful in helping me through to the other side on a lot of things, though I do think there’s still a ways to go for me.

Hopefully see you guys Friday!


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