Restoring My Faith in Occupiers

I already posted about this on Facebook today, so sorry if you’re seeing this twice.

I was pretty excited when Occupy Wall Street started up. I saw it as a chance to fight back, to say that enough is enough of big business making use of the government for its own gain and keeping the public enslaved with debt and shady business practices. After awhile, however, I became pretty disillusioned with OWS as it turned from a bastion of equality and creativity to a bunch of college kids sitting around in the same place with no direction whatsoever.

Then this happened: it’s called Strike Debt!, and their purpose is to eliminate the debt of the American populace by buying it from collectors and cancelling it, something that can be done for pennies on the dollar, apparently. The NY Times wrote an article about it. As an armchair theologian who thoroughly supports reinstating the Hebrew concept of a year of Jubilee, this made my day. I’m still pretty skeptical of OWS, and I think that the movement could have had a better impact earlier on with more direction, more defined goals, and better outreach to its local communities. Strike Debt! is an example of all those things I hoped to see from OWS, and I hope that more organizations of this nature show up.

Anyway, go check these guys out.


One thought on “Restoring My Faith in Occupiers

  1. Speaking as a temporary, semi-invested “occupier,” I can understand your grievance to an extent. But perhaps like yourself, I believe the big change is being made in some of the “working groups,” such as this Strike Debt group you’ve mentioned. There has been a lot of tangible shift due to the OWS movement (such as prevention of home thefts, massive amounts of money moved from big banks to credit unions, etc), though much of it has gone unnoticed even by participants. Our nation’s activist culture has at least shifted slightly toward a methodology of solidarity, rather than clicktivism (consumerist activism)….but it still has a long way to go, and more risky moves may need to be taken. Let’s just not forget that mainstream media is not interested in publicizing the victories of OWS or related groups. Such a neat idea Strike Debt! has.

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