Friday State of the Blog!

Haven’t done one of these for a long time. Holy cow.

So, Tillich went back on the shelf. I was only on page 40 or so anyway, and I want to be able to devote my full attention to a great mind like him (and perhaps read one of his more accessible works before tackling a monster like his [em]Systematic Theology[/em].

Anyway, I have Prothero left. Once I’m done with him, no more books until the end of the year, save the Bible and Hain’s [em]History of Perry County[/em] which I’m using to start a new blog project for next year. That’ll serve to help plan out all the stuff I do and see for that. Other than that, I’m taking the month of December off from reading because of the holiday season, work, and planning for next year. I’ll keep my brain busy with podcasts and such.  I might toss an easy read in just for fun, but otherwise no more serious stuff until January.

I’ll still post things here, mostly in regard to projects I am taking up for 2013 and such. Also, look for some more things from me regarding [em]God Is Not One[/em]. Learning TONS of neat stuff from Prothero.  There will also be a summary of how this project went this year, which I don’t expect to have done very well on, but hey, I read some awesome stuff this year!  43 days left to go and I feel I still accomplished something.

Have a good weekend guys! Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 comes out, so that means no more Twilight!  Thank God!  People can finally move on past Stephanie Meyer!


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