The Final Tally: My Year of Reading in Review

Well folks, we’re at year’s end. You stuck by me through ups and downs, on-topic posts, off-topic posts, and one hiatus. Here’s the final stats for the year.

Total books on shelf: 570 (not including reference books such as dictionaries and concordances).
Starting percentage of books read at beginning of year: 16%
Number of books read this year: 31
Total books read on shelves:105.
Ending percentage: 18.4%

There you have it. Doesn’t look much different from the start of the year, huh? Couple reasons for that:

  1. I scored a lot of free books.  This is what happens when your dad runs an auction business and lets you get pick of whatever you want. It’s awesome…but it led to new books on my shelves.
  2. Trade-ins.  There’s two bookstores I frequent specifically so I can trade books in for credit and acquire new ones.  This actually did help somewhat to thin out the number of books on my shelves, but it also led to new material.
  3. Three of the books I read were borrowed.
  4. There were four occasions where I actually did break the rule to not purchase books, either because the books were too good to pass up (such as St. Anselm of Canterbury’s Works or Jurgen Moltmann’s A Theology of Hope), or because I was in an independent business and wanted to show my support (such as The Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia).

Although it doesn’t look like success, I couldn’t possibly count it as anything else.  This blog gave me something to look forward to some days, even if no one at all was reading it, and I learned a lot of new things from the books I read. Every now and then I’d get a spike in stats, only to come back down to the subscribers taking a peek once in awhile (thanks to all 38 of you, by the way).  In the end, this has been a great year.

Tomorrow begins the new year!  See ya then!


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