Friday State of the Blog!

I’m not sure if I’m behind in my progress, or right on schedule.  Adding Mockingjay to my reading probably isn’t helping matters (since it technically brings my count to 53 books, rather than the allotted 52), but here’s where I stand:

1. 108 of 705 pages into Demanding the Impossible .  Thus far, I’ve read the entire section on anarchist theory, and I’ve covered historical anarchist movements in Taoism, Christianity, the Middle Ages, and the English Revolution.

2. 121 of 373 pages into Girl With Curious Hair. That’s four short stories.

3. 59 of 151 pages into the Tao Te Ching. This includes notes and commentary at the end (the actual text ends on page 101).

4. 42 of 390 pages into Mockingjay. If I needed to ditch any reading, this would be the one to return, but it’s such easy reading that I’m not worried about it right now.

So, that makes 330 of 1619 pages, roughly 20% of my goal for this month.  I better get cracking.  See you Monday!


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