Friday State of the Blog!

Too many reading deadlines is already starting to burn me out on this crazy scheme of mine, but onward I go! I at least finished Authority and Passion, but Demanding the Impossible is beginning to live up to its title. My schedule this week permitted VERY little reading, and today I’m headed to New Jersey for a patristics symposium, where I will accomplish even less reading (but expect to learn quite a bit).

To keep up with my goals, I added The Singing, a collection of poems by CK Williams. It’s pretty short (only 72 pages), and it’s pretty easy to just read a poem at a time and digest it before moving on to the next one.  I’m definitely liking everything I’ve read in it so far.

I’m certainly not backing down any time soon on this endeavor, but the pitfalls of reading deadlines and reading for speed over comprehension are suddenly very evident. At the very least, I need to change out my subjects more often.  Once I finish Demanding the Impossible, I’ll take a turn toward some science reading, then probably something a little lighter in my collection.

See you Monday!


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