Friday State of the Blog!

One more book off the project shelf!  I’m barely moving along here, though.  Schedules keep getting in the way of reading, and it’s starting to get a little repetitive in Demanding the Impossible.  

I’m starting to worry about how much I’m retaining this stuff too.  Strike that; I know I’m not retaining this stuff. That being said, I’m extending the timetable on this endeavor by a year. This gives me until January 2014 to finish the list.  I really wanted to keep this to one year, but I know now that I can’t do that without turning reading into a stunt.  I’m only seven books into this year because I’ve placed other books in front of the first book I started, and I feel like I did that to meet an expectation that was not only beyond my ability, but also unrealistic and completely without benefit.  I am not going to be a better person because I read 52 books in one year; I’m going to be a better person if I take what I read, absorb it, and use it to better my life and everyone else with whom I come into contact.  It may seem like I’m lowering the bar by giving myself another year, but what I’m doing here is eliminating an excuse.  I have no choice but to learn from what I read, and I’m more than happy to have learned from just one of these books than to have breezed through 52 of them and have nothing stick.

Anyway, I made another change to the book list.  I forgot to order The Divine Hours for Lent, so I opted instead for Neighbors and Wisemen by Tony Kris (AKA Tony the Beat Poet from Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller). Bo Sanders from Homebrewed Christianity is blogging his way through the book for Lent, and while I’m a little behind, I’m happy to play catch-up and work my way through it as well.  All I have to do is finish The Elegant Universe, which might be easier said than done. 

Looks like I got my work cut out for me!  See you Monday!


One thought on “Friday State of the Blog!

  1. I’m happy the reality of retention has trumped your desire for sheer pages read. Perhaps, its a necessary first step for us all. What good is all the world’s wisdom if when most necessary its most elusive to our mind. Read on…
    “May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks”

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