Friday State of the Blog(ger)!

This is going up late today because I actually have a day off work for a change. Suck it.

The Elegant Universe has been returned to its owner for two reasons:

  1. I want to focus on this study of biblical inerrancy I’ve taken up.
  2. It nearly made my head explode.


For real, that book is mind-blowing, so much that I need to dedicate my ENTIRE focus to it, and I am in no position to do so at this time.  Since I’m a good guy who doesn’t like to keep borrowing things he’s not using, I gave it back, but I will probably pick it up sometime later this year.

Inspiration and Incarnation continues to be awesome.  To supplement my research, I’ll be adding Eric Seibert’s Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of God and selections from texts by Norman Geisler (Encyclopedia of Evangelical Apologetics) and Wayne Grudem (Systematic Theology) as well as other authors to balance the two of them out. I want to be objective as possible as I look at this important subject.

Alright, see you Monday!


*Yes, I plan to use that .gif as much as possible.



3 thoughts on “Friday State of the Blog(ger)!

  1. A wise idea to balance your reading of Enns ought to include G.K. Beale’s response to Enns I&I. It would be analogous to your reading in past posts of Wright and Piper. I could mail it to you if need be.

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